From the streets, for the streets.

From the streets, for the streets.

Sean Muniz

Black, Co-Founder...The executive of the Black and Yellow Podcast, Sean is an all around athlete on and off the court. If he's not working with the boyz, chances are he's in the mountains, running a marathon, or collaborating on something dope. The idea came to Sean while working within a tech business in the Silicon Valley. Asked Facebook an open poll and see who would join him to create a podcast. As colleagues in the same profession, Khalil had reached out with more energy then the bunny on TV selling batteries and from then on we carefully curated our podcast bringing you Black and Yellow. (Originally called  'Articles of Linguistics' )

Khalil Miller

Yellow,  Co-Founder. The man made for the podcast and knew it, biking about 35 miles a day just to warm up would be something to just give you guys a taste behind his background. If you don't see him in the streets mobbing through the town, or snap chatting behind the Social Media then chances are he's relaxing in the pent houses of New York. Khalil brings the energy to the table with questions leaving our guests stumped.. If you guys feel some type of way Khalil urges you to get involved and come out from behind the scenes. Asking direct questions as well as taking the time to research our guest appearance, Khalil brings the heat to the table of perspective. 

"Its not how hard you try something, its the technique" -Khalil Miller